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2021-22 School Reopening Plan|COVID-19 Notifications|Transmission Level: High

School Activities

Extracurricular Activities, Athletics, Physical Education and Performing Arts

Social distancing guidelines include a 12-foot requirement for activities requiring voice projection (singing), playing wind instruments and aerobic activities resulting in heavy breathing.

Plans for in-person activities are currently being developed to meet the needs of our school community and New York State Department of Health and New York State Education Department guidelines. We are still planning how and where chorus and band lessons can take place in person to ensure we can adhere to the 12-foot social distancing regulation. Lessons will be conducted virtually under the remote and hybrid/modified instruction models. Extra-curricular activities will be examined to determine whether they can be conducted virtually.

Interscholastic sports are currently on a delayed start until Sept. 21. Additionally, regional and state competitions are canceled for the fall season.

Following an announcement from the governor’s office about the reopening of schools, additional decisions will be made about extracurricular clubs and activities.