Budget & Taxes

The annual school board election and budget vote will be held on Tuesday, May 21. Voting will be held from noon to 9 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

Important information

Changes to Enhanced STAR take effect this year

New York state made changes to the Enhanced STAR tax exemption earlier this year. Now, all residents age 65 or older who are enrolled in Enhanced STAR now need to also be enrolled in the state’s income verification program to continue receiving their Enhanced STAR benefit. The deadline to enroll is March 1.

Eligible veterans must apply by March 1 to receive exemption

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Board of Education adopted the Alternative Veterans and Cold War tax exemptions last year.  Obtaining a veterans’ exemption is not automatic – eligible veterans must submit the initial exemption application form to their local assessor by March 1. Contact your local assessor to receive a form. Veterans with already-approved exemptions on file with their local municipality do not need to reapply for the school district tax exemption.

Town assessor contact information

To apply to the state’s income verification program for Enhanced STAR, or to apply for the Alternative Veterans or Cold War Veterans tax exemptions, please contact your local assessor:

  • Amsterdam (town): 518-842-7961, ext. 104
  • Carlisle: 518-284-2212
  • Charleston: 518-922-7844
  • Esperance: 518-295-6571
  • Florida: 518-842-6939 or 518-843-3032
  • Glen: 518-853-8525
  • Johnstown (city): 518-736-4015​
  • Johnstown (town): 518-762-6804 ext. 6
  • Mohawk: 518-853-1464
  • Palatine: 518-673-5099
  • Root: 518-673-2208

2019-20 Budget Development Calendar

  • Monday, Feb. 25, 6 p.m., Budget workshop.
  • Friday, March 1, Deadline to submit tax levy limit information to NYS Comptroller’s Office and Commissioner of Education and Taxation & Finance.
  • Monday, March 25, 6 p.m., Budget workshop.
  • April 2-6, Publish first legal notice of annual meeting, board vote and board election.
  • Wednesday, April 17, 6 p.m., Budget workshop. Final overview and approval of the 2019-20 budget.
  • Thursday, April 18, Transmit Property Tax Report Card to SED by the end of the next business day following approval by BOE, but no later than 24 days prior to the May 21 budget vote.
  • Monday, April 22, 5 p.m., Board nominating petitions due. Voter-submitted propositions, other than those required to be in the notice of the annual meeting, must also be submitted.
  • May 7-21, Copies of budget available to residents.
  • Thursday, May 9, Budget notice sent to voters.
  • Tuesday, May 14, 7 p.m., Public hearing on the proposed 2019-20 budget.
  • Tuesday, May 21, noon to 9 p.m., Annual budget vote and board of education election.

2018-19 Budget Snapshot

Total Budget: $29,327,099
Tax Levy Change from 2017-18: $0
Use of Fund Balance: $0

The 2018-19 budget continues all programs from the 2017-18 budget. Program additions that are funded in the 2018-19 budget include:

  • A full-time special education teacher who will serve as a work-based learning coordinator for the Career Development and Occupational Studies program.
  • Funding to increase technology equipment in classrooms, including Google Chromebooks and interactive flat panels.
  • Increased IT support that teachers need to successfully integrate technology in their instruction.
  • Increased school-based counseling support for students through partnerships with agencies such as Berkshire Farms and St. Mary’s.
  • A sensory room for students with special needs. A sensory room is a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that helps children calm and focus themselves, so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.
  • A contract with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to acquire a school resource officer.

The district was able to fund additional programs and services in the budget through strategic efficiencies, savings from eight retirements and a $240,000 increase in state aid. Savings were generated by reorganizing the district’s transportation budget, by joining a health insurance consortium and by bringing programs in-house that were previously provided by outside providers.

By the numbers


  • General Support $3,342,549
  • Instruction $13,458,701
  • Pupil Transportation $2,351,776
  • Employee Benefits $7,221,842
  • Debt Service $2,947,231
  • Interfund Transfers $5,000
  • TOTAL $29,327,099


  • Property Taxes $10,337,649
  • State Aid $18,224,450
  • Fund Balance $0
  • Reserves $0
  • Other $765,000
  • TOTAL $29,327,099

Tax Information

Check the status of your tax bill online

If you’d like to check to see if you’re school tax bill is paid, the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Tax Bills are now online. Please note that paid information is on a time-delay and is provided for your convenience only.

This link will take you to the Montgomery County Tax Bill Search and View page. When on this page, click on the drop down arrow for school selection list and click on “Fonda/Fultonville School District-Original and Updated Information Available.” Enter your search information in any of the categories listed and click on the “Submit” button. The listing of school tax bills will appear according to your search criteria. Click on the tax bill number of the school tax bill you would like to view. To print the viewed tax bill, right click and select print.

More information

Voter Eligibility

All voters must be U.S. citizens, age 18 or older and residents of the district for at least 30 days prior to the vote. Advanced registration is NOT required. You may be asked to show proof of residency (such as a valid ID that lists your address) when voting.

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