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Budget & Taxes

On May 16, 2023, Fonda-Fultonville residents will head to the polls to vote on a proposed spending plan for the 2023-24 school year. 

Frothingham Free Public Library Proposition 

Vote  for the Frothingham Free Public Library in Fonda. Under state education law, funding for libraries is collected by the school district and then forwarded to the respective libraries.

Voter Eligibility

All voters must be U.S. citizens, age 18 or older and residents of the district for at least 30 days prior to the vote. Advanced registration is NOT required. You may be asked to show proof of residency (such as a valid ID that lists your address) when voting.

Board of Education election

Elect two (2) candidates to serve three-year terms on the board of education starting July 1.  Listed in ballot order, the candidates are Michael Lewis, Richard Muselbeck and John Wiltey.

Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots are available for residents who are unable to come to the polls if they are out of town or because of health concerns, including but not limited to illness, disability or hospitalization. Absentee voters must first complete an application. If you want the ballot mailed, the application must be received no later than May 9. To receive an application, contact the district clerk Lori Maves at 518-853-4415 ext. 4230. Completed ballots must be received by the district by mail or drop-off no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16.

Learn more about the 2023-24 budget

Community Budget Presentation; May 2, 2023

    2023-24 Budget Snapshot

    • Total Budget: $33,232,572
    • Total Budget Change from 2022-23: $1,270,779 or 3.98%
    • Tax Levy Change from 2022-23: $277,125 or 2.5%
    • Tax Levy Limit (“Cap”): 3.34%
    • Use of Reserves/Fund Balance: $1,140,295

    2022-23 Budget Snapshot

    • Total Budget: $31,962,793
    • Total Budget Change from 2021-22: $1,17,875 or 3.62%
    • Tax Levy Change from 2021-22: $206,687 or 1.9%
    • Tax Levy Limit (“Cap”): 2.61%
    • Use of Reserves/Fund Balance: $1,270,884

    2021-22 Budget Snapshot

    • Total Budget: $30,844,918
    • Total Budget Change from 2020-21: $997,207 or 3.34%
    • Tax Levy Change from 2019-20: $15,894 or 0.15%
    • Tax Levy Limit (“Cap”): 0.15%
    • Use of Reserves/Fund Balance: $1,060,905

    Tax Information

    Check the status of your tax bill online

    The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Tax Bills are online if you’d like to check to see if your school tax bill is paid. Please note that paid information is on a time-delay and is provided for your convenience only.

    This link will take you to the Montgomery County Tax Bill Search and View page. When on this page, click on the drop down arrow for school selection list and click on “Fonda/Fultonville School District-Original and Updated Information Available.” Enter your search information in any of the categories listed and click on the “Submit” button. The listing of school tax bills will appear according to your search criteria. Click on the tax bill number of the school tax bill you would like to view. To print the viewed tax bill, right click and select print.

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