Important Notification: Meal Charges and Payment Policy

Important Reminder: School meal charges should ONLY be applied to students that forget or lose their money for payment. Please note that money can be placed on your student(s) account on the TITAN School Solutions link. As part of this process, you must go to and log-in to your TITAN School Solutions account in order to continue making payments towards your students’ meals. If you do not have a current account, please visit the TITAN School Solutions link to establish a new account. This process can also be found on the Food Services page on the district’s website.

Meal Payment: Effective this year, the Fonda-Fultonville CSD will begin immediate outreach when a student goes over five unpaid meal charges. Please note that the district will communicate to those families and request that they complete a free and reduced meal application if appropriate to do so. As a district, we encourage families to be aware of this process.

The following collection process will be followed for the 2023-24 school year:

  • The district will communicate with the parent/guardian of students who have accumulated five unpaid meal charges.
  • The student’s school building office will reach out to parents/guardians to complete free and reduced meal applications.

Charged meals will be the reimbursable meals that are available to all students. In addition, charging for a la carte items and second meals will not be allowed.

In addition, if parents don’t want their children to charge for meals, they must submit written permission to the school to withhold a meal with the understanding that their child will not receive it.  

School staff will also work with parents/caregivers to help in the application process. This will include determining if there are other issues causing students to have insufficient funds.  Specific circumstances may support free lunch approval based on specific hardship situations.   Additional assistance will also be offered to appropriately offer solutions for payment.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to FFCS Food Services Manager Mrs. Palmer at