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Fonda-Fultonville continues to rank high in area schools report

Despite the many challenges schools and students navigated during the past school year,

Fonda-Fultonville continued to rank high– 15th out of 84 area schools–in the Albany Business Review’s annual schools report. Because Common Core and Regents tests were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the publication’s rankings for 2019-20 are a compilation of English, math, science, social studies scores and graduation rates from the past five years.

The Albany Business Review bases school district performance on data released by the New York State Education Department. All kindergarten through 12th grade districts in the 11-county greater Capital Region are included.

“Despite all we have been through this past year, it is gratifying to have the Albany Business Report tell us what we know to be true about the effort and care we, our students, and our families put into making the educational experience exceptional for each of the learners in our district,” said Superintendent Thomas Ciaccio.