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School Counseling Office

Our mission as counselors of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District is to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that supports the individual needs of all students. With the support of parents, educators, administrators and community members we will inspire personal and academic growth, promote responsibility, cultural awareness and encourage a commitment to learning leading to life-long success.


  • We believe in the dignity, worth and individuality of all students and their rights to personalized, educational services;
  • With the belief that all students can experience academic success, we will facilitate programs and services to ensure that all students meet their full potential;
  • We will collaborate with all stakeholders including parents, community members and all school personnel in the delivery of a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program;
  • We will deliver a school counseling program that meets the academic, career and personal/social needs of all students;
  • We will abide by the professional expectations and ethics proposed by the American School Counseling Association.

Academic Planning

Course Selections

Each year soon after January 1, students will be asked to choose courses for the following school year. This process will begin with students reviewing a Course Selection Sheet which is a list of all courses that could potentially be offered during the following school year. With the assistance of current teachers, students will select which courses they wish to sign up for. They will then complete the Course Selection Sheet as well as a Scheduling Memo. The Scheduling Memo will be turned into 9th period teachers the day they are distributed. Students will retain the Course Selection Sheet so that they have an opportunity to bring the form home and discuss with their parents those courses they have signed up for. Students are then required to returned the signed Course Selection Sheet to the Guidance Office at which time they will schedule an appointment to meet with their counselor.

High School Grade Advancement & Retention

To ensure students are earning a sufficient number of credits each year, students who fail courses may be retained in their current grade.  In order to be promoted to the next grade, students must have completed the following number of credits:

  • Freshmen – 6 credits
  • Sophomores – 11.5 Credits
  • Juniors – 17 Credits

If students successfully complete the credit requirement they will be advanced to the next grade level.  In addition to the 17 credit requirement, juniors will need to be able to “project graduation” in order to be a senior. “Projecting graduation” means that all remaining courses/credits are placed in the schedule for the senior year.

If a student falls behind the credit requirement, they will be retained; this does not necessarily mean that they will not graduate with their cohort (the class they entered grade 9 with). For example,  if a student earns 5 credits at the end of freshman year, he/she would remain in the 9th grade for a second year. If at the end of their second year in high school they earn a total of 12 credits, they will be placed in the junior class for the following school year. Please note that students who are being retained will only repeat the course(s) in which they failed.

Career & College Planning

New York State Excelsior Scholarship Program

SUNY and CUNY students whose families make up to $110,000 annually can apply for tuition-free college through the Excelsior Scholarship Program. Students can complete the online application and learn more on the Excelsior program website.


The scholarship listing details opportunities that are available throughout the year from the Counseling Office. Be sure to check the morning announcements and visit the Guidance Office regularly to pick up and and return applications before the deadline.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program

The ASVAB is a nationally-normed, multi-aptitude assessment that has been provided to high schools and post-secondary schools since 1968. The ASVAB Program was recently re-designed to be helpful to virtually all students, whether they are planning on immediate employment after high school in civilian or military occupations, or further education at a university, community college, or vocational institution.

Each year, all 10th grade students at Fonda-Fultonville take the ASVAB Assessment as a career exploration tool. Students receive their score reports during a presentation to explain how the results can be used to guide them in career exploration and planning.

Letter of Recommendation

Students may request a letter of recommendation to be written in support of applications to college, for a scholarship, or for employment. When asking a teacher, counselor, coach, principal or other adult to write a letter of recommendation, be sure to give that person plenty of notice. It is recommended that at least three weeks is given to complete a letter and if it is a busy time of year (such as college application processing time) even more notice should be given. Students should inquire about a letter of recommendation in person and it is also helpful to include a resume. The HS Guidance Office requires submissions of a resume in order for the counselor to write a recommendation letter.

A few important points regarding letters of recommendation:

  • It is a MUST to ask for a letter in person and long before the letter is due.
  • As part of a college admission or scholarship application it may be required that a letter from a specific person (ie. counselor, teacher, coach, ect.) is provided or an individual of your choice may be selected to write a letter; this will depend on the organization.
  • All letters of recommendation are requested electronically when using the Common Application.  The teacher(s) selected will receive an invite via email to upload a letter. Be sure to check with the teacher(s) and counselor invited to ensure that they have received an invite from the Common Application.
  • When applying to colleges using the Common Application, a counselor recommendation is required; choose wisely. It it is an application to a college’s Biology program, also obtain a letter from a science teacher you’ve had.
  • If applying to a SUNY school through the SUNY Online Application System, a counselor will be able to upload two letters of recommendation. Please request that a copy of the letter of recommendation be sent to your counselor via email.

Reminder: Please make sure a request form from the HS Guidance Office is completed any time that you need to have documents sent (electronically or through the mail) to a college or scholarship organization.

Working Papers

Students seeking their Working Papers should see Mrs. Murray in the Guidance Office to obtain an application.