Graduation Requirements

Fonda-Fultonville’s graduation rate is typically above 90 percent. For more information on graduation statistics, please view the FFCS NYS School Report Cards.

Fonda-Fultonville offers the following diploma types: IEP, Local, New York Regents, New York Advanced Regents, and the FFCS Comprehensive District Diploma (CDD). The CDD requires students to complete 300 hours of community service during their high school career and additional credits in math and science courses.

4+1: The Multiple Pathways to Graduation

For high school graduation in New York, students must take and pass four Regents exams, one in each of these subjects: English Language Arts, science, math and social studies. Students must also earn a minimum of 22 high school credits and complete additional course work through one of these pathways:

  • Humanities Pathway: requires a second social studies exam or state-approved alternative
  • STEM Pathway: requires a second science Regents, second math Regents or a state-approved alternative
  • Bi-literacy (Language other than English) Pathway: requires completion of a foreign language sequence and state-approved foreign language assessment
  • CTE Pathway: requires completion of a state-approved CTE program and assessment
  • Arts Pathway: requires completion of an arts sequence and state-approved arts assessment

About Pathways to Graduation

School districts may offer a “4+1” graduation option where students take four Regents exams (English Language Arts, math, science and social studies), and then choose from either a second social studies, science or math Regents exam, or a comparably rigorous technical or other state-approved assessment. This assessment could be in one of the following areas: CTE, the arts, humanities, bi-literacy (languages other than English), or STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The state has established criteria to ensure the assessments are vigorous, valid and reliable.  There is currently a list of state-approved exams considered to be of equal or greater rigor to Regents exams that can be used to meet the various pathway requirements, and more are being reviewed.

Regents passage threshold: Student “pass” a Regents exam when they score a 65 percent or higher. Any student who has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and receives services through the department of Special Programs, is eligible for a safety net that allows them to earn a score of 55-64 percent. Students who score an average of 90 percent or higher on Regents exams are eligible to receive the designation of “honors” on their Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma.

Focusing on students’ career interests

NYSED has stressed that the multiple pathways to graduation are not easier options, as students must still meet the state’s learning standards and still earn 22 high school credits. The new approach presents opportunities to tap into students’ career interests and to answer calls from employers to better prepare students to work successfully in a complex global marketplace.

Credit Requirements for Graduation

Additional changes to social studies requirements

The plan to offer multiple pathways to graduation included additional changes to the state’s social studies requirements. Currently, New York’s students must pass the Regents exam in global history and geography, but aren’t required to take the corresponding course. The new regulations mandate that all students entering ninth-grade in September 2016 or later take four years of social studies, including two in global history and geography. Students will still be required to take a full year of U.S. history, a half year of participation in government and a half year of economics.

In addition, the global history Regents exam will be modified to measure student knowledge in only the second year of the course, rather than testing students on two years’ worth of material as is the case currently. It is anticipated that the new global history Regents exam will be introduced in June 2018.

Students typically take global history and geography in ninth- and 10th-grades, U.S. history in 11th-grade and participation in government and economics in 12th-grade.

* Students acquiring 5 credits in Art, Music (must take a course in theory), Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology or Vocational Education may be exempt from the additional Foreign Language credits requirement for the Advanced Regents Diploma.