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FFCS is closed Jan. 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The hybrid learning schedule will resume Jan. 19.

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Virtual information session for College in the High School, Pathways program with FMCC

Fonda-Fultonville High School and Fulton-Montgomery Community College held a virtual information session for eligible juniors and seniors who are interested in learning more about earning college credit while still in high school. A recording of the session is available below.

FFCS and FMCC work in partnership to provide two opportunities for students to earn college credit for their high school coursework: College in the High School (CHS) and Advanced Pathway College Credit Program (APC). Full descriptions of each program are available below the video.

Advanced Pathway College Credit Program with Fulton-Montgomery Community College

New in 2020-21, FFCS students that meet the prerequisites to take a CHS course can participate in the Advanced Pathway College Credit Program (APC) and graduate from high school with up to 25 credits toward an associate’s degree from FMCC. Program participants have the option of taking select College in the High School courses for free, so long as they meet the program’s criteria.

This program is the first of its kind in the region under a new partnership between FFCS and FMCC. The program is geared toward students who expect to attend FMCC after they graduate from high school. The APC credits that FFCS students earn in high school can be transferred to FMCC for up to two years after graduating from high school.

The APC program builds upon FFCS’s existing College in the High School program that is offered to students in partnership with FMCC. FFCS already offers a wide variety of College in the High School courses to all students who qualify academically and meet the program’s existing prerequisites. Students who take College in the High School courses have the option of paying reduced-rate tuition to earn college credits, many of which are transferable to other colleges.

The APC program is different from the existing College in the High School program because students who qualify for APC do not have to pay tuition, and the credits are only valid if they pursue their post-graduation studies at FMCC. To earn APC credit, students must complete articulated courses with at least a grade of 85, successfully graduate from high school, and they must apply to FMCC and enroll in courses within two years of graduating high school.

The College in the High School courses that are currently offered at FFCS for the APC program include:

  • Biology
  • English I & II
  • Survey of American History I & II
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus & Calculus
  • American Political Systems
  • Intermediate Spanish I & II

To earn APC credit, students must meet the requirements as follows:

  • Must complete the FMCC-approved College in the High School articulated courses with a grade of “B” (85%) or better and meet all required competencies.
  • Must successfully complete high school, including any required industry standards/exams, meet the requirements for a Regents diploma, and submit an official high school post-graduation transcript identifying enrollment in and successful completion of the course.
  • Must apply to the college in a timely fashion and does not attend another college prior to FMCC (no transfer credit from other institutions will be awarded under this APC agreement), meets FMCC’s standards for acceptance and for Advanced Pathway College Credit, and enrolls and registers for FMCC courses in the applicable academic program within 24 months of graduation from high school.
  • Must pass required written and/or performance exams.
  • Must submit a written recommendation from a high school instructor.

College in High School Program (CHS)

A collaboration between FFCS and Fulton-Montgomery Community College allows students to enroll in certain courses at FFCS that earn both high school credits as well as college credits. College in the High School courses are offered for nearly every academic department at FFCS, as well as distance learning courses.

Students who successfully qualify for and complete the course and pay tuition will have a number of college credit hours to add to their resumes. Students who enroll in College in the High School courses pay less than the regular tuition rate at FMCC — the cost is usually one-third the regular tuition rate. Many times other colleges will accept these credits.

College in the High School courses at FFCS

  • CHS English I & II
  • CHS Participation in Government
  • CHS American HIstory I & II
  • CHS Pre-Calculus & Calculus
  • CHS Statistics
  • CHS Biology
  • CHS Spanish IV & V
  • CHS Principles of Management
  • CHS Intro to Sociology
  • CHS Agriculture Business