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Reading Resources

Academic Intervention Services at the elementary level provide additional support for students who are having difficulty developing reading skills. Extra reading support may be provided by a Reading Teacher, Special Education Teacher, or a Teaching Assistant.

Levels of Intervention will follow the RTI Tier System. Read more about RTI here.

Tier 2: Pre-teaching and re-teaching of weekly skills and concepts to support classroom instruction through the Passport Intervention program. This level of intervention is provided in groups of 3-6 students for an extra 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.

Tier 3: Individualized intensive small group instruction in areas of student need. Students receiving tier 3 intervention will receive an extra 30 minutes of reading instruction every day.

Monitored Services: Periodic communication between the classroom teacher and the Academic Interventionist to review student progress

Reading resources for struggling readers

Reading and homework resources for parents