Board and District Goals

Board of Education Goals 2017-18

1. All students will graduate from Fonda-Fultonville High School college and career ready by meeting or exceeding the state standards.

2. Communicate with all stakeholders in promoting collaboration, parent involvement, community partnership, and student achievement.

3. Develop a long-term financial plan that encompasses fiscally responsible budgeting while addressing the needs of the students and taxpayers.

Superintendent Goals 2017-18

1a. All students will graduate from Fonda-Fultonville High School college and career ready by meeting or exceeding the state standards with a graduation rate of at least 90 percent.

1b. All instructional staff will use authentic and timely student data to inform instructional decisions.

1c. Increase the capacity for staff to purposefully integrate instructional technology to enhance student engagement and achievement.

2a. Foster a culture and learning environment  that values collaboration and professional growth.

2b. Develop and implement strategies for engaging the entire school community in the educational process.

3a. Create and communicate a fiscally responsible budget that uses all of our resources to meet student needs.

3b. Propose a  cost effective Health Insurance package that offers the same coverage for our employees with reduced financial risk.

Building and District-wide Goals 2017-18

  • K-4: Increase the percentage of students reading at or above grade level by 10 percent, with the expectation that all students will increase their reading level by at least one year.
  • Special Education: 90 percent of students with disabilities will graduate/exit high school with a Local/Regents diploma or a commencement credential (CDOS/SA-CC).
  • Grades 5-12: Decrease course failures based on each five week interim/report card. Students failing one course will be passing within the next 5 weeks and students failing 2 or more courses will be passing one more course within the next 5 weeks.
  • K-12: Each building will create at least 5 school/community based activities.
  • K-12: We will reduce our chronic absenteeism in 2017-2018 by 20 percent (chronic absenteeism is the equivalent of 18 or more absences in a school year).
  • Prepare a five year financial outlook
  • Conduct at least three budget workshops/meetings outside the school building in community facilities.
  • Increase the capacity of district facilities to meet the 21st century demands of teaching and learning.


At the heart of our schools is a mission rooted in partnership with our community in order to empower and challenge every student to become a lifelong learner and responsible citizen. We aim to promote a culture that fosters excellence and innovation.

At FFCSD, we believe:

  • In a learning community that promotes positive character and good citizenship.
  • In learning communities that support students to become self-directed, lifelong learners.
  • That an emotionally and physically safe environment is most conducive for effective teaching and learning.
  • In celebrating our student and staff successes.
  • In high expectations for all students and staff.
  • In a commitment to continuous improvement through professional reflection and relevant data analysis.
  • In providing the programs and resources necessary to support our educational mission while respecting the financial commitment of our taxpayers.
  • In long-term fiscal planning to support financial stability.
  • That open and honest communication with all stakeholders will lead to the best decisions for students.
  • That children benefit when their parents are active participants in their education and that all students benefit when community members are involved in the governance of their schools.