FFCS announces 2Q Community Cares Award recipients

Congratulations to the second quarter winners of the Community Cares Award Program at FFCS! The winners are high school student Eliana Montano, FFCS COVID-19 Coordinator and Pupil Services Director Kristine Dickson and the Galough family. They were each honored by Superintendent Thomas Ciaccio.

Community Cares is a recognition program that acknowledges the exceptional individuals who support our school community and help each other thrive. Students and staff members are nominated by members of our community for their outstanding character and dedication. Three winners are selected from the pool of nominations every quarter.

Each quarter’s winners receive a prize courtesy of the PTSA. We are grateful for their support!  The prizes include gift certificates to local businesses.

a high school student holds a bunch of balloons and

Eliana Montano

High school student Eliana Montano was nominated in recognition of her hard work and big heart as she has done her best to stay engaged during virtual classes, get good grades and help her classmates, all while balancing school and a part-time job.
“She is very kind and open whether full remote or online,” her nomination says. “She does what she has to do (and beyond) to help others with their school work or homework when they don’t understand something. She helps and answers many questions whether remote and online. She maintains all A grades while working almost 16-20 hours a week. She does what she can to help out her community as well. She is a hardworking and dedicated young lady who I can’t wait to see what she is capable of in the near future.”

a school pupil services director with shoulder length hair wearing a mask holds a bunch of balloons and an award certificate while standing next to a school superintendent in an office

Kristine Dickson

Kristine Dickson has two important jobs right now: She is the FFCS COVID-19 coordinator and she is our director of pupil services. Mrs. Dickson received multiple nominations this quarter in recognition of her contributions to helping make sure FFCS is a safe place to be, as well as making sure our students get the support they need.
“There is no one more deserving of recognition right now than Mrs. Kristine Dickson,” one of the nominations says. “As our COVID-19 coordinator, Mrs. Dickson has successfully helped FFCS navigate these unprecedented times. She is the bridge between our school district and the public health department, healthcare facilities and government agencies, as well as our school families who have been affected by the virus. FFCS is a safe place to be in the midst of a pandemic and that’s due in large part thanks to Mrs. Dickson’s dedication, hard work and positive attitude. She has worked tirelessly on days, nights, weekends and holidays to do this job and her regular day job as the director of pupil services, a role in and of itself is crucial as FFCS works to ensure our students get the support they need to succeed. FFCS is a better place because of her and she deserves all the accolades possible to show how much we appreciate her.”

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The Galoughs

Our staff stand in the snow, rain and cold to make sure our students get into the buildings from the parking lots safely each day. The Galough family showed their appreciation by treating those staff members to goodie bags one morning. Students Ella and Emily Galough were nominated with their parents Jenny and Bryan for a Community Cares award by one of our appreciative staff.
As we honor the Galoughs, we also recognize our staff who do this important work and help parents know that their children are in good hands at FFCS. These staff members are Kelly Albrecht, Kim Bell, Melanie Capron, Mary Cassaro, Sandy Cimmino, Kyle Hanson, Chelsea Karpoy, Alisa Kuczek, Jaqueline Melley, Tracy Miller, Kathy Page, Bea Rouse, Laurie Smith, Suzanne Springer, Robyn Stultz, Joan Teabout, Lisa Vosburgh, Jen Wilson, Robyn Wiltey and Melissa Zumbolo.

“Jenny and Bryan Galough very kindly sent their daughter around with ‘goodie bags’ to all of the staff that wait outside in the mornings for parent drop off,” the nomination says. “These included K-cups, hand warmers, heavy socks and a thank you note. I love being outside in the fresh air for part of my day, this gift helped me to feel acknowledged and valuable to the families that I strive to do my best for. Thank you for noticing and caring, we all notice and care about your children!”