The Fonda-Fultonville Communications Office is dedicated to providing two-way communication between the district and its community. The Communications Office is located within the district office and is staffed by Ms. Heather Nellis, a nationally-recognized communications specialist. 

Reasons to Contact Communications:

  • Coverage on the district’s website or social media
  • Questions or feedback about district publications
  • Media inquiries
  • Submitting a news story

Stay Connected with Fonda-Fultonville

Working with families and the community has always been a huge part of the district’s process, so please utilize the following resources for staying connected to the Fonda-Fultonville schools!

Fonda-Fultonville on Social Media

The goal of Fonda-Fultonville’s social media is to create a dialogue with our community, so please join us there and post your comments, questions and even media to our pages.

We ask that your comments follow the network’s rules and guidelines, and that anything we talk about is district-related. Because our focus has always been students, the accounts are always closely watched and moderated.

  • Ask questions, but please maintain student privacy.
  • Share media, but be mindful and use good judgment about what you post.
  • If you run a local business, we wish you success, but we will not allow promotion of your business on our accounts. We are education focused.