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Information about elementary teacher classroom assignments

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We will soon begin the process of preparing classroom assignments for next year. As educators, we take the placement of each child very seriously. Teachers carefully assess each student’s social and emotional development, academic ability, and overall learning style before determining the composition of prospective classes. Ultimately, the final decision regarding student placement is the responsibility of the building principal.

It is our mission to make sure your child has the best possible educational experience that we can provide. Our focus continues to be to create a balanced classroom that supports all learning styles. As we begin this process in the coming months, we will follow the same guidelines that were followed last year.

Even though we do not accept teacher requests, if you have information regarding your son/daughter’s learning style that would benefit this process, please fill out this parent input form and return it to the main office no later than May 22. Your information should describe the needs of your child and should not be a request for a specific teacher. Requests for specific teachers will not be considered even if a sibling had that specific teacher. I am sure you can appreciate the fact that, with an enrollment of almost 500 students, we cannot accommodate parent requests for a specific teacher.

Our classroom teachers and service providers are very skilled in understanding the needs of each child as an individual, and we will continue to be purposeful in our placement of all of our students.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Dr. Nellie A. Bush
Interim Principal