Behind the scenes: A quick view into scene creation

FFCS senior Channing Garcia (pictured with F-F High School art teacher Mr. Therrien) plays a visual role in this year's production of Mary Poppins Jr.
FFCS senior Channing Garcia (pictured with F-F High School art teacher Mr. Therrien) plays a visual role in this year’s production of Mary Poppins Jr.

This month, the F-F Theatrical Co. will deliver a production of Mary Poppins Jr. to our school community. From learning their lines to choreography and rehearsal practice, it takes many hands to get a production rolling forward. A component of a successful production is scene design. FFCS senior Channing Garcia plays a visual role in this year’s production that so many attendees will appreciate. From the sparkling lights of Broadway to smaller productions happening in high schools across the nation, set designers create the mood in which stories are performed.

Today, we share her thoughts on her passion for art and its role in this year’s production.

How do you view set design in telling a story?

Set design plays a crucial role in setting the tone and vibe of a play. Mary Poppins Jr. is a family-friendly production, and the set design offers a magical aspect of the story. This year’s set design captures that essence with a brighter, cartoony color that is visually appealing. I focus on the time and capture the feel and architecture. The creativity of set design adds an extra dimension to the audience’s experience.

How did you become interested in set design?

I have always been a kid who can draw. It started in elementary school, and I have always sketched, painted, and sculpted, and that has led me to the F-F Theatrical Co. It is a creative process, and I enjoy the gratification of seeing my art be a part of a production.

How does your creativity add to this year’s production?

I have always been a creative person. At ten years old, I was diagnosed with Synesthesia. I can associate two senses with one experience. So, when I listen to a particular song or someone’s voice, I can interpret that into a painting of my design. It allows me to add a layer to the production with my visual interpretation to support the performers. In one of the musical numbers in this production, “Step in Time,” I visualized a lot of blue, yellow, and purple. For those attending, you will see that vision during that performance.

As a senior, how will you carry your interest in art after FFCS?

I do a lot of painting rather than drawing. It is a huge hobby for me. I paint friends’ cell phone covers and their sneakers and redecorate furniture. I allow my creative side to guide me when it strikes me. I will always love art, whether it’s sculpture, painting, etc. My outlet is art.

This year’s production runs from March 22-24. Ticket information is available here.