Special Education

Special Programs at Fonda-Fultonville include the Special Education Programs and Title I Academic Intervention Services, as well as several other grant funded programs.

Our services are guided by the District’s Special Education Plan. There are many special education teachers, teacher assistants, and aides housed on the district’s campus. Students also benefit from the services of school psychologists, guidance counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, nurses and a preventative case worker. Some of our students attend BOCES programs with 1:1 aides.

Special Education Program

Depending on the needs of our students, we offer primary instruction in the core subject areas: math, English, social studies and science, push-in services and/or consultant teaching services at all grade levels. Most primary instruction is carried out in classrooms with no more than 15 students.

The services we provide are governed by the policies in Part 200 and 201 of the New York State Commissioner of Education Regulations. Our programming is designed to help students progress toward achievement of the New York State learning standards. We also help to prepare students for transition into post-secondary education and/or employment.

Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

School districts are to provide academic intervention services for students who score below the designated reference points on state examinations or who are at risk of not achieving the State learning standards. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) consist of additional instruction provided to students in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, social studies or science. It includes instruction that supports classroom lessons and basic skill instruction. The FFCS services are provided in both the push-in to and pull-out of the classroom models. There are many full-time AIS instructors and teaching assistants working in the program. Individual classroom teachers also provide content-specific AIS classes.

The New York State Education Department also requires that each district has an Academic Intervention Services Plan. Please visit the NYSED website for more information.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards

School districts must provide a copy of the notice of procedural safeguards at least once a year to parents (or persons in parental relation) to a student with a disability.

Part B: Procedural Safeguards Notice

In addition, a copy of the procedural safeguards must be provided to parents upon:

  • An initial referral or parental request for evaluation;
  • The first filing of a due process complaint notice to request mediation or an impartial hearing;
  • At the request of the parent;
  • Following a decision to impose a suspension or removal that constitutes a disciplinary change in placement; and
  • On receipt of a parent’s first State complaint in a school year.

If you are in need of further information, please feel free to contact Kristine Dickson, CSE/CPSE Chairperson, kdickson@ffcsd.org.