8th Grade Supply List

(Updated August 2020)

Core subjects

English: Sanges

  • 1 folder, 100 3×5 index cards, pen or pencil, loose leaf paper, composition book, highlighter.

Math: Bell

  • Folder, paper, pencils, erasers, one 1-inch 3-ring binder, a scientific calculator (you can still use the calculator from 7th grade: TI 30),  and a basic non-electronic stylus for computer.

Accelerated Math: Mulyca

  • One 1-inch 3 ring binder, pencils, pens (blue or black ink), Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (WILL BE PURCHASED AT DISCOUNT PRICE IN SEPT. – DO NOT NEED TO BUY PRIOR UNLESS COLORED VERSION IS WANTED – TI-84 PLUS C OR TI-84 PLUS CE).

Science: Heacock

  • Folder, pencils, calculator (must have your own, should be able to use your grade 7 math calculator), 3-subject spiral notebook, highlighter, 200 3×5 index cards, pencil pouch for vocabulary cards, large book cover, dry erase markers (your own).

Social Studies: Vunk

  • Folder, one pack of index cards, one spiral or composition notebook.


Spanish: Mrs.Lott

  • Folder, Pen/pencil, Whiteboard markers and/or eraser

Spanish: Mrs. Rossi

  • One three-ring binder, Pens/Pencils, Loose leaf paper

Project Lead The Way (Tech)

  • One 3-ring binder (1.5 inch max), One spiral notebook, Pens/Pencils/Highlighters (black/blue pens)

Home & Careers: Mrs. Bruno

  • Folder, Spiral Notebook

Art – Mr. Therrien

  • 1 blank sketchbook (8.5” x 11” or similar size), Pencils/Erasers 

Math Foundations – Mrs. Young

  • 1 inch binder with four dividers, Loose leaf paper/Pencils, Dry erase markers

Mrs. Brewer: General Music

  • One inch binder, Pencils

Mrs. Brewer: Chorus

  • Pocket folder, Pencils

    Mrs. Brewster: ELA AIS

    • Dry-erase markers, Pencils, Sanitizer

    • Tissues are needed for each classroom! Thank you!
    • Earbuds/headphones are needed for use in all core classes/specials.  Two pairs if possible: have a back up for daily use.
    • Team Pride Tip: To stay organized, coordinate folder/binder colors. For example: Math is blue while science is red.