Virtual Valentines: Classes across grade levels participate in worldwide digital card exchange

Happy Valentine’s Day from Fonda-Fultonville! Classes across grade levels participated in the Global Virtual Valentines Project, which was designed to teach students geographical awareness and cultural understanding while connecting classrooms all around the world.

Fonda-Fultonville Technology Education Specialist Danielle Knabe coordinated the district’s participation in the project with first grade teacher Rita Gargiulo, middle school social studies teachers Laura Hayes-Bowles and Holly Thompson and high school social studies teacher Sean Thompson. The project had various age-appropriate levels:

  • Gargiulo’s students created handmade cards and read Valentine jokes that were compiled into the video below for the digital component. Check it out below and share your love for the students’ video on our Facebook page!

  • Students in the middle and high schools used a graphic design application called Canva to create virtual cards that the district is showcasing today on Twitter. Follow us @FFCSBraves to see some of their cute creations, or check them out on Padlet:
  • Teachers also had the opportunity to give a more in depth cultural connection to their students through Skype calls with a partner class so they could meet friends in a different part of the world. This facet tied into existing programming at Fonda-Fultonville through the high school’s Skype Club, which has connected students to peers across the globe since its inception two years ago. 

Students in Holly Thompson’s seventh grade class Skyped with peers at a middle school in Ohio on Tuesday. They had to guess each other’s locations by asking yes or no questions, using maps as references.

“We have a bunch of other mystery Skypes this week in the middle and high school due to this project, so I’d say it was a success overall!” Knabe said.