Second graders code Ozobots to share story of ‘Charlotte’s Web’

A traditional second grade literacy project got a modern twist for Linda Hanson’s and Shelly Shaffer’s students. They coded Ozobots to navigate decorated story boards for an interactive retelling of “Charlotte’s Web.” The project blended English language arts and elements of computer science as students learned about plot, characters, setting, algorithms and ozocodes at the same.

Ozobots are pocket-sized robots that follow patterns on the surfaces that they roll over.  Ozobots can identify lines, colors and codes that are drawn with markers on paper. The second graders learned from FFCS educational technology specialist Danielle Knabe about the different codes that make the Ozobots move in specific patterns. Students drew the codes in mazes across  story boards that they decorated. They unveiled their work by reading excerpts from the classic children’s story by E.B. White as their Ozobots spun and swirled across their boards.

“It was the perfect way to make a literacy project more engaging for students,” Hanson said.