Student Activity Funds Accounting | Policy 5521

The Board of Education directs that all payments to be issued through the extra activity fund shall be processed as follows:

– The activity treasurer and the faculty advisor should be certain that the bill accurately reflects the services rendered.
– When it is determined that the bill is correct, the following steps are taken:

A. A payment order is prepared in duplicate and signed by
1) the student treasurer,
2) faculty advisor, and
3) business manager or Superintendent
B. The final audited bill is attached to the original pay order form and both plus the copy of the pay order are given to the central treasurer.
C. The central treasurer records the consecutive pay order number on the forms and prepares the check. Withdrawals are to be made by a voucher check order requiring only one signature, that of the central treasurer.
D. The central treasurer makes the entries in his books and files both the original pay order and the bill as evidence for entries.
E. The check and a copy of the pay order are given to the student treasurer.
F. The student treasurer makes the necessary entry in his books indicating to whom the check is made out and the reason. He then sends the check to the vendor. The pay order is filed to give supporting evidence for the entry.
G. A monthly reporting of accounts will be submitted to the Board of Education by the District Treasurer. These will consist of a monthly report of all student accounts, as well as a year-to-date report for student accounts.

Revised: 04/25/11