Get to Know: Board of Education candidates

As we approach the budget vote on Tuesday, May 21, please take a moment to review the candidates seeking to join or remain as a member of our Board of Education.

Adam Sullivan

I have lived in the Fonda-Fultonville school district my entire life. I graduated from FFCS in 2005, after following a technology-based path which began with woodshop at FFCS and finishing up at HFM BOCES in the Auto Body Program. This path built a firm foundation for my professional career.  Some of the best memories in my youth were from the times when I joined the Town of Mohawk Volunteer Fire Department as a junior firefighter at the age of 14. Volunteering with the fire department made me realize how important it is to give back to the community that has given so much to me. The experience taught me the value of being a part of this small but close-knit community. I also ran track and cross country for most of my high school career. Throughout my time at Fonda-Fultonville, I always felt that the teachers and coaches genuinely cared about my success. I know it was these experiences that impacted my decision to return to the community I loved after leaving the area to attend college.

In college, I majored in Collision and Refinish Technology, minoring in sheet metal and chassis fabrication at WyoTechs’ Blairsville, PA campus. After graduation, I began a 20-year career in welding, fabrication, and general manufacturing. For the last 9 years, I have worked at Fultonville Machine and Tool Company. I help manage the shop, program, and run CNC machines. I have developed a real passion for manufacturing over the years, and would love to play a part in our school helping to educate students on the fulfilling job opportunities and careers our local community and beyond can offer to them. I believe that it is extremely important to foster a strong connection between our school and community.

My wife, Laura, and I have taken on a new role as parents to a foster child who attends FFCS. With this fresh viewpoint of our school, I appreciate, more than ever, our incredibly talented, supportive, and professional staff, and look forward to helping to continue to support them and the programs they curate for the students. As a member of the school board, I would like to help Fonda-Fultonville make financially sound decisions that do not create an unnecessary tax burden while also maintaining the standard of education that has continued to place FFCS as one of the best schools in the area. I plan to listen to the needs of our community, and help our school move into the future. 

Michelle Isabella

I am Michelle Isabella, and I am honored to seek reelection for the School Board of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District. Over the past seven years, I have dedicated myself to the mission of our Board of Education: to empower and challenge every student to become a lifelong learner and responsible citizen.

My journey to this role has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences, from my tenure as a Youth Division Aide at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to my work as a Corrections Officer at Fulton County Correctional Facility. These roles have provided me with invaluable insights into the unique needs and challenges facing our youth.

As a mother and a dedicated volunteer, I am deeply invested in the success of every student in our district. I have served on various boards, including the Fonda Fultonville Little League Board and the Town of Mohawk Planning Board, where I have worked collaboratively to address community needs and foster cooperation.

During my time on the Board of Education, I have been proud to support initiatives aimed at enhancing the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to our students. For example, the expansion of access to advanced placement courses and vocational training programs, ensuring that all students have the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to academic excellence, I am committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of our students. I feel that it’s important to work closely with school administrators and community stakeholders to promote comprehensive safety measures and support services, creating a secure learning environment for all.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the possibilities for our district. If reelected, I will continue to advocate for policies and programs that empower every student to reach their full potential. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.

Jessica Munson

My name is Jessica Munson, and I am running for one of the open seats on our School Board here at our Fonda Fultonville Central Central School District. The Fonda-Fultonville School Board has been working hard for years serving our children in our district’s community.  I am interested in becoming part of this hard work as a candidate for this year’s election. It is my belief that my experiences and professional background make me an exemplary candidate to become a Board of Education Member. But let me help you get to know me a little bit.

I grew up in this area near our county lines in the country with two very hard working parents who provided myself and my siblings with an amazing home life. Among the many values they instilled in me being humble, hardworking , strong, loyal, and family oriented were my favorite ones. If there is anything I have learned in our community here at Fonda-Fultonville it is that these same values ring true and it is our job to make sure that the children of our community have opportunities to experience them here at Fonda-Fultonville Central School District. As a married mom of 4 this is what I envision for my own children here at FFCS with having a son in 9th grade who enjoys being part of the community through activities like Football and our FFCS Future Farmers of America Chapter. Additionally, I also have twin 8 year daughters that are in 2nd grade learning our school core values from their amazing teachers, Little League sports, and Community dance programs. I have been able to experience Fonda Fultonville through my children’s eyes and seen what an amazing community our kids get to grow up in and it gets my excited to be a part of it.

My education and my professional career have offered me a variety of experiences to serve the community working with adults and children. I have been working in the field of human services since I started my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vermont. I was able to train in a practicum experience in a battered women’s shelter and through an internship at Rutland County Mental Health working with patients who struggled with a variety of mental health issues.  During my summers in between semesters I worked for Lexington for several years as direct support staff and as a direct support coordinator. I completed my graduate work in Arlington, Virginia and Washington D.C. graduating with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Master’s in Forensic Psychology. I was given the experience to intern with an amazing community clinic called the Green Door in Washington DC where I was able to work with patients struggling with both addiction and mental health disorders. Once I soaked up all of the amazing experience from these wonderful opportunities I moved back home, back to my roots, and started my career at St. Mary’s Healthcare. I worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for St. Mary’s Mental Health Adult Clinic for almost 14 years. I served as Coordinator of Crisis and Emergency Services for 10 of those 14 years serving the children and adults of surrounding communities at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. As Coordinator of Crisis and Emergency Services I had amazing opportunities to meet with other professionals in schools across our local counties to address the mental and emotional needs of our children in school. I continue my work today still in the community in private practice for the past 8 years working with children, adults, and families. These positions and experiences have taught me the value of really seeing a person and learning how to support them by building relationships and having conversations. I believe this is how we are going to continue to help the children of Fonda-Fultonville live our board’s mission of becoming life long learners and responsible citizens. 

I have enjoyed opportunities to volunteer as a Football Mom at our Varsity Football Games doing raffles or cooking food to feed our Varsity players before their play off games, or working the concession stand at our Little League.  I have loved the last two years volunteering to come into our 1st grade classrooms to teach our little ones about big feelings and how to handle them. The fulfillment of seeing our kids from elementary school to high school enjoy the environment that we create here at FFCS is heart warming.  If there is anything my experience growing up, my education, my training, and my jobs have taught me it is how to stand up and use my voice to help others. I have been able to do this in multiple ways over the years in leadership and management positions serving a variety of populations. It is my hope that I will have the opportunity to be able to bring my skills and dedication to the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Board of Education to work hard to advocate for all the needs of all of our kids here on our home front to continue to bring them a variety of opportunities to grow and learn in school that work for each of them.

Dennis Egelston

I reside on Auriesville Road in Town of Glen with my wife of 45 years Judy. I graduated from FFCS in 1973. Our three children all graduated from FFCS and now have grandchildren attending FFCS. I am partners with my son Clark at Glen Meadows Farm in Glen, the longest active dairy farm in the town.

I have served on the school board for 10 years and on the audit committee which is responsible for all finances at the district.

I have served on various board of directors including president of NYS Jersey Cattle Club {President}, American Jersey Cattle Club {Vice-President}, Montgomery County Farm Services {Chairman}, and Antlers Country Club.

Currently on finance advisory for American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and member of FF Community Foundation.