FFHS participates in legislator’s student cabinet

seven high school students in dress clothes with a state assemblyman

Seven students represented Fonda-Fultonville High School  at Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s student cabinet on Monday at the Clarkson University Graduate School in Schenectady.

Freshmen Delaney Grady and Shey Sanges, sophomore Megan Mormile, juniors Gabe Mormile and Stella  Williams, and seniors Alexys Conti and Matthew Zumbolo worked with peers from 10 school districts to participate in the cabinet. Students completed a series of hands-on, decision-making exercises on topics, such as state aid for education. Together they worked to identify the many different needs from schools in cities to rural areas and developed their version of an education budget that can meet those needs. Students then presented their proposals to their peers and defended their decisions.

“I created the student cabinet to give our community’s youth the opportunity to learn more about state government in a hands on and interactive way,” Santabarbara said. “The budget challenges these students take on as cabinet members allows them to form a better understanding of the state funding and the process of developing a school budget.”