FFCS receives $50,000 in bullet aid for pre-K transportation

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara recently announced that the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District was awarded $50,000 in state bullet aid to fund transportation services for prekindergarten students.

“Ensuring our children have a bright future starts with making sure that our schools and teachers have the resources they need to provide the very best education possible,” Santabarbara said. “I’m proud to have secured funding for these critical services and will continue to be a strong advocate for local students.”

“Transportation is an important service that we provide for our students because we live in a rural area,” Superintendent of Schools Thomas Ciaccio said. “The bullet aid is critical for ensuring that our youngest learners have access to the district’s full-day pre-K program and can benefit from getting a strong educational foundation at an early age.”

While school districts are reimbursed for transportation costs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, districts are not reimbursed for prekindergarten transportation costs. Ciaccio said he raised this concern to Assemblyman Santabarbara during one of his previous trips to the school district.

“I’m appreciative of Assemblyman Santabarbara because when I discuss with him the issues that the district faces, he always follows up,” Ciaccio said. “He’s not a person who walks away and forgets about it. It doesn’t always mean he’s able to get us more money, but it’s great that he does that for Fonda-Fultonville.”