District considering veterans exemption

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District is considering the adoption of the Alternative Veterans Tax Exemption. Residents have the opportunity to share their opinion of whether or not the district should adopt the exemption by completing this online survey. Paper surveys can also be mailed upon request by calling the district office at (518) 853-4415 ext. 8. The survey will be open until Friday, June 1.

The board will consider its decision after hearing from the community. If approved, the exemption would not take effect until the 2019-20 school year.

Since 1984, county, town and village leaders across New York have been authorized to offer the exemption, giving military veterans who served during war time, in a combat zone or who have a service-related disability a partial property tax exemption on their local taxes for their primary residence.

In December 2013, the law was amended to permit school districts to offer the exemption as well. Whether or not the exemption is offered in any given community is up to the local school board. District Boards of Education can vote whether or not to offer exemption as well as the level of exemption to offer.

Subject to maximum levels of exemption set by the taxing jurisdiction, school districts are allowed to offer a 15 percent reduction in assessed value for veterans who served during a time of war, plus an additional 10 percent for those who served in combat zones. Veterans could also receive a reduction based on their service-connected disabilities.

Impact of exemptions

Tax exemptions cause a redistribution of taxes among taxpayers (tax shift). The tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value will increase for all taxpayers to generate the same amount of taxes (the tax levy).

Tax exemptions do not affect the total amount of money a district needs to raise (tax levy). Therefore, if a town’s assessed value decreases due to exemptions, then all taxpayers will need to pay more to make up the difference.

Who is eligible?

Veterans must be honorably discharged and must have served during the following time periods:

  • Persian Gulf conflict (8/2/90 – present)
  • Vietnam War (2/28/61 – 5/7/75)
  • Korean War (6/27/50 – 1/31/55)
  • World War II (12/7/41 – 12/31/46)

Estimated school tax bill changes

The chart shows the estimated impact to tax bills should the district adopt the Alternative Veterans Tax Exemption. Estimates are based on a home assessed at $100,000 using the tax assessed values and equalization rates from the 2016-17 tax roll. The rates will likely change. If approved by the school board, the exemption would take effect for 2019-20 school tax bills.

Municipality: Estimated Tax Bill Change

  • Amsterdam (town): $243.36
  • Carlisle: $26.74
  • Charleston: $21.12
  • Esperance: $21.78
  • Florida: $43.11
  • Glen: $34.63
  • Johnstown (city): $21.12
  • Johnstown (town): $30.18
  • Mohawk: $21.12
  • Palatine: $36.42
  • Root: $21.12