Field Trips | Policy 8460

Field trips that add to the learning experiences of students are encouraged and may be permitted with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. Students will have equal opportunity to participate in field trips or other programs designed to supplement classroom instruction.

Field trips must meet the following criteria:

1. The field trip serves a worthwhile educational objective related to a unit of instruction or a recognized extracurricular activity in which the participating students are presently involved.

2. The benefits derived are proportionate to the time and expense required.

3. All students for whom the field trip is planned are able to bear any personal financial expense which may be required. However, if the personal financial expense limits opportunities for student participation, student fund raising activities may be organized to defray personal expenses. Plans for such student fund raising activities are to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee for approval along with the request for approval of the field trip.

4. The time duration of the field trip does not adversely affect the continuity of instruction for any students for whom a staff member participating in the field trip has instructional responsibility. Field trips which require a lengthy period of time away from the school building are to be scheduled during a school recess.

5. The field trip is not initiated for personal or commercial gain.

6. Field trips are to be sponsored by the school district or an officially recognized school organization. On occasion, the school district may co-sponsor field trips with other governmental units or private non-profit organizations. Such field trips are to comply with the district’s field trip policy and are to receive prior approval from the Superintendent or his designee.