Review of Library Materials | Policy 8321

I. Statement of Principle

Despite efforts to develop and disseminate a detailed Selecting the School Districts Library Media Collection Policy, the nature of controversy is such that exception may be taken to some materials. If a question or complaint about specific material cannot be handled informally by the school media specialist or principal, the complainant should be invited to file the objections in writing on a form provided for the purpose. The importance of a detailed, formal written procedure for requesting the reevaluation of any materials cannot be over emphasized. Based upon the professional literature, the guidelines cited below will be followed.
It should be noted that during the review process, the materials will continue to be available. It should also be noted that it is expected that the complainant has read or viewed the material in its entirety before continuing in the process.

II. The Policy

It shall be policy of the Board to support the rights of the community (i.e., students enrolled in the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District., parents or guardians of students, and district staff) to request reviews of library materials, provided the process outlines in the guidelines below is followed.

III. Guidelines

A. If informal contact with the school media specialist has not resolved the concern, the complainant(s) against the material, and assurance that the complainant(s) have read/viewed the material in its entirety.
B. The building principal will schedule and hold a conference with the complainant(s) and deliver a written reply within ten (10) work days.
C. If the complainant’s concern is not satisfactorily addressed at this level, he/she has a right of appeal to the Superintendent, by filing a “request for Review of Library Materials.” If the Superintendent considers this to be a serious matter, a committee may be formed to study the complaint and make recommendations. This committee will include representatives from administration, the Board of Education, parents, the community, school media specialists, teachers, students and/or other qualified persons.
D. Within a reasonable time the committee will review the statement of complaint and any other material(s) or statements they deem appropriate to the complaint. The committee will deliver a summary statement and decision to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.
E. An appeal of this recommendation may be made to the Board of Education.
F. A record of the recommendations rendered will be maintained for future reference.

Adopted 09/23/96

Form: Request For Review of Library Materials