Instruction for Students with Limited English Proficiency | Policy 8280

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District will assure that pupils with limited English proficiency will be provided opportunities to achieve the same educational goals and standards as the general student population. In consort with the board’s policy on non-discrimination, the District shall provide pupils with limited English proficiency equal access to all school programs and services offered by the District commensurate with their ages and grade level, including access to programs required for graduation.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be charged with assuring full implementation of the regulations of the Commissioner, Part 154, for pupils who, by reason of foreign birth or ancestry, speak a language other than English and either understand and speak little or no English or score below the statewide reference point or its equivalent, on an English language assessment instrument approved by the Commissioner. All new entrants are to be screened in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations 117.3.