Tragic Death of Students | Policy 7551

The following policy, formulated by survey of student body and faculty alike, and in light of past and recent stressful situations, is as follows:

1. On the next school day following a student death there will be an emergency faculty meeting called prior to the opening of school (7:30 A.M.).
2. A faculty member who was close to that student will be appointed at that time to do the following:
(a) To be spokesperson, (b) consult with the parents of the deceased to discuss the school’s role in the tragedy, (c) to advise students of what can be done,
3. Should a memorial service be held in the school, it will be within one week of the funeral.
4. On the day of the funeral, school will not be closed. However, students wishing to attend the funeral may attend by bringing a note from home, signed by a parent/guardian.
5. On the day of the funeral, students who do not wish to attend the funeral, but want to be excused from classes, may go to a designated area of the school, prearranged by the Principal.
6. Counseling will be available to students and faculty members during the week following a death. There is a Crisis Intervention Team in the county to help, if needed.
7. On the day of the funeral, there will be a moment of silence over the public address system in memory of the student.
8. If the death was a suicide, faculty members must make every effort to determine that no other student is contemplating suicide.
9. The principal must make sure that students and faculty are given the opportunity to work through their bereavement in a supportive environment.