Opioid Overdose Prevention | Policy 7527

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of its students and staff, the District will maintain and administer an opioid antagonist in its schools, specifically Naloxone, otherwise known by its brand name Narcan, for use during emergencies to any student or staff member experiencing a known or suspected opioid overdose regardless of a previous history of opioid abuse.

The Clinical Director of a NYSDOH Registered Opioid Prevention Program has issued a nonpatient specific order to the school nurse to administer Naloxone on-site. As a result, clinical director, in collaboration with District administration, has acquired and provided Naloxone to the District for use in its schools. The school nurse will, in his or her individual discretion, and in collaboration with the clinical director, choose the route of administration of the Naloxone. The clinical director is responsible for having approved policies in place for re-ordering Naloxone in the event it is administered and to ensure that an adequate supply is continuously available in the buildings for use. Similarly, the administration of Naloxone to any student will be documented in his or her cumulative health record and for staff members, in their personnel file.

Storage and Inventory

The District will store its supply of Naloxone in a secure, but accessible, and temperate location consistent with its emergency response plan. The school nurse or personnel designated by the school administrator will inventory the supply of Naloxone on a weekly basis and record this information on a log which will be developed and/or maintained by the school nurse or other designated personnel or administrator. This record of information will include the date, time, and signature of the designated personnel performing the inventory.

Adopted: 10/10/2017