Independent Physical Education Study | Policy 7425

In accordance with NYS Education Law 100.5, the Fonda-Fultonville School Board authorizes independent PE study as an optional alternative instructional strategy by which students may reach curriculum objectives and fulfill graduation requirements. Independent PE study shall offer a means of individualizing the educational plan for students whose needs based on the rigors of coursework may be best met through study outside of the regular classroom setting. It is to be a continuously voluntary educational alternative in which no student may be required to participate.

Independent study entails an agreement between the student, parent/guardian/caregiver, certificated employee, and all other persons who provide direct assistance to the student. The building administrator or approved designee shall determine that the prospective independent study student understands and is prepared to meet the district’s requirements for independent study. Independent study may be offered only to students who can achieve in this program as well as or better than they would in the regular classroom.

Student Handbook Description

In accordance with Board Policy the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District will allow students to be exempt from regular physical education classes if they are participating in an approved independent study physical education program. Students will not receive a grade for their independent study physical education program, rather they will meet state law regarding participation in physical education, and be subject to Pass/Fail.

Criteria and Eligibility:

1. Independent study physical education is to be taken from a district approved school or program with professional and experienced personnel.
2. Independent study physical education must develop proficiency, knowledge, and skills that cannot be achieved within an in-school physical education program. In general, for approval of independent study physical education, a student must be performing at a high level of competency and/or performance.
3. Only high school students who have passed the State learning standards by the end of 9th grade and received physical education credit with a grade of 85% along with an overall grade point average of 85% or better and who are taking additional rigorous classes eliminating the possibility of a lunch period may be considered for Independent Study Physical Education beginning their 10th grade year. Students taking independent P.E. may not have early dismissal or late arrival during independent study.
4. Beginning in 10th grade, high school students may use the independent study physical education exemption to meet a portion of their physical education graduation requirements. These students meet a portion of their physical education graduation requirements by reason of the exemption. Renewal for any subsequent semesters will be based on satisfactory progress in the categories described in these criteria.

Adopted: 08/25/2014