Extracurricular Activity Code Rules & Regulations: Academics | Policy 7415

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District extracurricular activity programs are an integral part of the total educational program in the schools. Students participating in these programs commit themselves to a standard of responsible conduct as a part of the total learning experience. It should be noted that participation in these activities is a privilege and not a right.

These Standards will be in effect for both boys and girls participating in any extracurricular activity that represents the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District.


1. A list of all students failing two or more courses will be published by the guidance office at five week intervals. The list should be published by Tuesday afternoon. Any student who failed two or more subjects in June will appear on a list two weeks into the school year. Any students involved in an activity will have a 1- week probation period. At the end of that probation week these students will bring a form to ALL of their classes where the teachers will give a current indication of “passing/failing”. (This is the only time the form will be based on passing/failing.) Any students who are not failing two or more subjects will not have to continue getting forms filled out. However, any students who are failing two or more classes, already, will immediately fall under the guidelines of the eligibility policy and continue the process.
2. The coach or advisor is responsible for checking the list, identifying participants, distributing and collecting academic eligibility forms for his/her team/activity. The advisor/coach will then submit these completed forms to the high school office that same day.
3. Until the next Tuesday (6th week) these students are on probation, but are not penalized. Students must get forms from the coach/advisor. Forms are to be signed by the teachers of the courses the students are failing, indicating that the students are either making progress toward passing the course or have shown no improvement. This form must be signed weekly for the remainder of the five week period. Also, if any teacher requests to help a student, the student will review with that teacher for 30 minutes before going to the extra-curricular activity.
4. If the student is not making progress in at least one of the two courses (or two of the three, or three of the four, etc.) at the end of the first probationary week,
he/she will be suspended from competitions/performances beginning the following Tuesday. He/she may still practice and/or attend meetings.
5. 2nd form – If a student is not making progress in 1 of 2, 2 of 3, 3 of 4; etc. … for the second consecutive week in a row, he/she will be suspended from the activity, but will not be removed from the team.
6. If a student is not making progress in 1 or 2, 2 of 3, 3 or 4; etc…, for the third week in a row, he/she will be removed from the activity.*


A student may return to participate in the activity when the student’s weekly report shows improvement within two weeks of removal in ALL classes that he/she was failing. (2 of 2, 3 of 3, 4 of 4, etc…)

After each five week list is posted there will be a one week probationary period (#3). However, any student whose name appeared on the previous list will remain at the level they were at, (only for the probation week), then will continue from where they were. (a carryover week vs. probationary) – consecutively on the list – no week grace period.

Adopted: 09/24/2007
Revised: 04/27/2015