Extracurricular Activities | Policy 7410

The Board of Education encourages the development of those activities that extend and/or enhance the learning opportunities of the individual in a relevant way. Such activities shall be planned to supplement the experiences available to students through their homes and community.

Interscholastic, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities shall be considered appropriate when involvement provides relevant educational experiences whose values are in proportion to the time and resources involved. These activities shall be provided for the benefit of students. All extra-curricular activities shall be coordinated under the guidance of a staff member appointed by an Administrator of the district.

The Board recognizes the value of both competitive and cooperative extracurricular activities because of their potential for developing a sense of good sportsmanship and human understanding within the school community. Commercialization of extracurricular activities shall be avoided.

Nothing in this policy is intended to discourage planned joint school/community activities.