Loss or Destruction of District Property or Resources | Policy 7311

The District is authorized to seek restitution, through civil action when necessary, from the parent or guardian of an unemancipated student over the age of ten (10) and under the age of eighteen (18) where such student:

a) Has willfully, maliciously, or unlawfully damaged, defaced or destroyed real or personal property in the care, custody and/or ownership of the District; or
b) Has knowingly entered or remained in a District building, and wrongfully taken, obtained or withheld personal property owned or maintained by the District.

In instances where the District has sought and obtained a judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction, parent/guardian liability for civil damages shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000). Under certain circumstances, prior to the entering of a judgment in the sum total of five hundred dollars ($500) or more, a court may consider the parent’s or guardian’s financial inability to pay any portion or all of the amount of damages which are in excess of five hundred dollars ($500), and enter a judgment in an amount within the financial capacity of the parent or guardian. However, no such judgment shall be entered for an amount which is less than five hundred dollars ($500).

False Reporting of an Incident and/or Placing a False Bomb

A School District is also authorized to seek restitution, as described in law, from a parent or guardian of an unemancipated student over the age of ten (10) and under the age of eighteen (18) where such student:

a) Has falsely reported an incident; or
b) Has placed a false bomb as defined in the New York State Penal Law.

Damages for falsely reporting an incident or placing a false bomb shall mean the funds reasonably expended by the School District in responding to such false report of an incident or false bomb, less the amount of any funds which have been or will be recovered from any other source as enumerated in law.

In seeking restitution, the School District shall file with the court, the County District Attorney and defense counsel an affidavit stating that the funds reasonably expended for which restitution is being sought have not been and will not be recovered from any other source or in any other civil or criminal proceeding, except as provided for pursuant to

General Obligations Law Section 3-112.
General Obligations Law Section 3-112
Penal Law Sections 60.27, 240.50, 240.55, 240.60 and 240.61

Adopted: 04/22/1996
Revised: 10/25/1999
Revised: 10/22/2015