Comprehensive District Diploma | Policy 7221

It shall be the policy of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District to offer its students a Comprehensive District Diploma, which recognizes a student’s significant achievement in the areas of academics and community service.

The requirements for a Comprehensive District Diploma are as follows:

Course Credits
English 4
Social Studies 4
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Second Language 3*
Health .5
Art and/or Music 1
Occ. Ed. Elective 1
Electives 1.5
Physical Education 2
+Service (300 hours) 3
Total credits required 28

Students must successfully complete all required Regents examinations.

300 Hours of approved community service are required.

*An appropriate sequence as required by NYSED for the Advanced Regents Diploma


The Fonda-Fultonville CSD encourages students to become active participants in their school and local community. Many students chose to participate in community service activities and the district wishes to recognize those students who commit to service activities that span the high school years and accumulates at least 300 volunteer hours.

Students are required to gain advanced approval for any service activity they wish to pursue. Students must complete the Community Service Approval Document and meet with their school counselor to discuss the service activity. Upon approval, students can begin their service activity and are required to keep track of all volunteer time using the Service Activity Log Form. When the approved service activity has concluded, students are required to submit the Community Service Final Report Form. Upon completion of all required documentation, the student’s school counselor will review and verify that the service activity has been completed. Upon completion of 300 hours, 3 credits will be awarded and will be added to the student’s permanent high school transcript.

Any questions or concerns regarding proposed service activities will be presented to the High School Principal for consideration and approval. Also, students who fail to gain advanced approval before beginning their service hours will need to gain approval from the High School Principal in order to receive credit for their volunteer hours. Incoming freshmen with advanced approval may begin to earn service credit during the summer immediately preceding their formal enrollment in the high school in September.


Approval will be granted for any type of community service in which a student is not earning compensation for the time they volunteer. Service activities cannot be supervised by a relative. Examples of service activity locations are:


Libraries, Humane Societies, Animal Shelters, Social Service Agencies, Ambulance Corps, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Police Stations and Fire Departments


Libraries, school offices, Advantage After School Program, elementary & middle school mentoring, tutoring other students, assisting individual teachers and assisting custodial staff


Adopted: 12/21/98
Revised 03/22/04
Revised 04/25/05
Revised: 03/25/12