Screening of New Entrants | Policy 7111

The Board of Education is required to provide for the screening of every new entrant to school to determine which pupils are or may be handicapped or gifted, as well as pupils who score below the state-wide reference points on any of the state mandated tests, in accordance with regulations of the Commissioner to determine whether such pupils may be handicapped. Such screening shall include, but not be limited to:

1. A physical examination pursuant to the provisions of section nine hundred one, nine hundred three, and nine hundred four of this chapter, including proof of immunization as required by section twenty-one hundred
sixty-four of the Public Health Law.

2. A language development assessment.

If such screening indicates a possible handicapped condition, a referral shall be made to the appropriate committee. If such screening indicates a possibly gifted child, the name and finding shall be reported to the Superintendent of Schools of the district. The Superintendent is charged with assuring that an appropriate process for complying with these requirements is carried out.

Renewed 12/22/03