Telecommunications Equipment/Use by Staff | Policy 6480

Except when used in connection with or when rented under the provisions of Education Law Section 414, school-owned material or equipment may be used by District employees for school-related purposes only. Private and/or personal use of school-owned materials or equipment is strictly prohibited except in cases of emergency.

The District provides a variety of communication equipment for the purpose of conducting its business including FAX machines, cellular telephones, telephones, modems, etc. The District recognizes that from time to time employees may have a need to use, in relation to their work responsibilities, such telephones and other telecommunications equipment during work hours. Such use of District equipment is permitted so long as, in the judgment of the District, it is for school-related purposes only.

Telephones, FAX Machines, Modems

Employees are discouraged from using District telecommunications equipment for the purpose of making personal long distance calls or contacts during school hours. Staff will be provided access to a school telephone in cases of emergency; however, generally all personal long distance telephone calls made during school hours must either be charged to the employee’s home telephone or made at a pay telephone. All telephone use for personal purposes which result in a cost to the District, except in cases of an emergency, must be reimbursed. Employees are encouraged to use personal telephone credit cards or a pay telephone for the purpose of making such calls. In those instances where this is not possible, he/she must log all telephone calls and file the log with the Business Office within 24-hours of making the call. The Business Office will bill the employee.

Cellular Telephones

The position titles utilizing District owned cell phones shall be the Superintendent of Schools and the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Any additional users will be recommended to the Board of Education for their approval each year at its reorganization meeting in July. All cellular phone contracts shall be secured through the appropriate purchasing process and shall be subject to review and approval of the Board. Individuals may use district owned cell phones for reasonable personal use, providing such use does not result in additional District cost.

As with any District owned equipment, employees must take proper care of cell phones and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss, or theft. Any damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to the Superintendent and the Business Office.
The Superintendent will evaluate the use of District owned cell phones annually.


A violation of this policy may result in discipline, including discharge, in accordance with applicable law and collective bargaining agreements.

Adopted 11/25/96
Revised 12/19/05