Professional Certification | Policy 6214

All District employees who hold professional teaching certificates for classroom teaching are required to complete professional development hours to maintain the validity of their certificates. Professional certificate holders must complete 175 hours every five (5) years. The five-year professional development period commences on July 1 after the effective date of the triggering certificate, and each subsequent five-year period thereafter. Each professional development year of the five-year cycle of professional development begins on July 1 and ends the following June 30. The professional development requirement may be completed at any time during the five-year professional development period.

Decisions regarding content, delivery and providers of such professional development are within the purview of the School District and shall be made within the context of the District Professional Development Plan. The Professional Development Plan shall describe how the School District will provide teachers it employs holding a professional certificate with opportunities to maintain such certificates in good standing based upon successfully completing 175 hours of professional development every five (5) years in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations.

If the professional certificate holder wishes to maintain the validity of his/her New York State professional certificate, he/she must satisfy the professional development requirement. If the certificate holder teaches less than ninety (90) days in a given school year for any reason, including an approved leave, the required hours are reduced by ten percent (10%) for each school year during which this is the case.

District Recordkeeping Responsibilities

If the School District provides professional development to teachers in its schools, or professional development is provided by other entities on behalf of the District, the District must maintain a record of professional development completed by its teachers who are required to complete this requirement. Such records shall include those items enumerated in Commissioner’s Professional Certification: 175 Hours of Professional Development  Regulations Section 100.2(dd)(5):

a) The name of the professional certificate holder;
b) His/her teacher certification identification number;
c) The title of the program;
d) The number of hours completed; and
e) The date and location of the program.

These records shall be retained by the District for at least seven (7) years from the date of completion of the professional development by the professional certificate holder and shall be available for review by the State Education Department (SED).

District Reporting Responsibilities

Annually, the School District must report to the New York State Education Department (SED) Office of Higher Education’s Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) the number of all approved professional development hours completed by each teacher who is employed by the District and subject to the professional development requirement, regardless of the professional development provider.

All hours of completed professional development reported by Districts will become part of the certificate holder’s certification record maintained by OTI. Teachers with professional certificates must complete the required number of hours of professional development every five (5) years for their certificates to remain valid.

The School District is required to report professional development hours for its employees online directly via the Web-based computer system TEACH (Teacher Education and Certification Help).
Certificate Holder Responsibilities

All professional certificate holders must keep records of all of their approved professional development activities/programs/coursework, regardless of the provider, for at least seven (7) years from the date of completion of the program and shall be available for review by SED. Such records shall include those items enumerated in Commissioner’s Regulations Section 80-3.6(f):

a) The title of the program;
b) The number of hours completed;
c) The sponsor’s name and any identifying number;
d) Attendance verification; and
e) The date and location of the program.

While it is the responsibility of the District to report hours, it is in the interest of every professional certificate holder to verify that their professional development hours are reported and that their individual record is complete. It is recommended that professional certificate holders develop their personal professional development plan in consultation with the District, and obtain District approval before commencing any professional development activities.

8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Subpart 80-3 and Section 100.2(dd)

Adopted 11/26/07