Threats of Violence in Schools | Policy 6140, Policy 7524 & Policy 3412

The School District is committed to the prevention of violence against any individual or property in the schools or at school activities whether such acts and/or threats of violence are by students, staff, or others. Additionally, threats of violence against students, school personnel and/or school property, including bomb threats, will not be tolerated whether or not such threats occur on school grounds or during the school day.

While acknowledging an individual’s constitutional rights, including applicable due process rights, the District refuses to condone acts and/or threats of violence which threaten the safety and well being of staff, students and the school environment. Employees and students shall refrain from engaging in physical actions or threatening statements which create a safety hazard for others.

Any acts and/or threats of violence, whether such threats are made orally, in writing, or by e-mail, shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with applicable law, District policies and regulations, the Student Code of Conduct, and collective bargaining agreements, as may be necessary.

All staff who are made aware of physical acts and/or threats of violence directed to students, staff or the school building are to report such incidents to the building principal, who shall report these occurrences to the Superintendent. Additionally, the building principal will also report occurrences of violence, whether involving an actual confrontation or a threat of potential violence, to the student’s parents/guardians; the school psychologist and/or counselor; and the Director of Special Education, if applicable. Local law enforcement agencies may also be called as necessary upon the determination of the Superin-tendent/designee.

Students are to report all acts and/or threats of violence, including threats of suicide, of which they are aware by notifying a faculty member or the building principal.

The District reserves the right to seek restitution, in accordance with law, from the parent/guardian and/or student for any costs or damages which had been incurred by the District as a result of the threats or acts of violence in the schools.

This policy will be disseminated, as appropriate, to students, staff, and parents and will be available to the general public upon request.

Regulations will be developed to address safety concerns in the schools, and appropriate sanctions for violations of this policy by students will be addressed in the Student Code of Conduct.

Adopted 11/22/99