Smoking in Schools | Policy 5640

School Grounds

Tobacco use shall not be permitted and no person shall use tobacco on school grounds. For purposes of this policy, “school grounds” means any building, structure, and surrounding outdoor grounds contained within the District’s preschool, nursery school, elementary or secondary school’s legally defined property boundaries as registered in the County Clerk’s Office; as well as any vehicles used to transport children or school personnel.

Indoor Facilities

The District shall not permit smoking at any time within any indoor facility owned or leased or contracted for and utilized by the District for provision of routine or regular kindergarten, elementary, or secondary education or library services to children the District also prohibits smoking in indoor facilities in which regular or routine health care, day care or early childhood development programs – such as Head Start – are provided to children.

The term “indoor facility”, for purposes of this policy, means a building that is enclosed.

Other Areas or Facilities

In those other areas or facilities not governed by the smoking prohibition as authorized by the federal Pro-Children Act of 1994, the District shall adhere to the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (Public Health Law Article 13-E) as newly advised by the Pro-Child Act of 1994.

Posting/Notification of Policy

In compliance with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act, the District will prominently post its Smoking/Tobacco Use policy in District buildings and supply a copy upon request to any current or prospective employee. The District will also designate a school official to tell individuals who smoke in a non-smoking area that they are in violation of Article 13-E of the state Public Health Law and the federal Pro-Children Act of 1994.

Goals 2000: Educate America Act
(Pro-Children Act of 1994)
Public Health Law Article 13-E Education Law Sections 409 and 3020-a

Adopted: 06/29/94

Revised 09/19/94