Naming/Renaming Facilities Plaques & Memorials | Policy 5633

The Board of Education is ultimately responsible for the naming of any new, or existing facility, or part of a facility. Guided by community standards and public relations, as well as a sense of appropriateness, it would be virtually impossible to recognize each and every individual who has made a significant contribution to the District.
Therefore, it will be the policy of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District not to name any current or future facility, or part of a facility, after persons who have attained national or local prominence, or who have contributed in some manner or fashion to the District.

The Board of Education, may at its discretion, authorize the installation, on District property, of appropriate plaques or memorials. For the installation of a plaque or memorial the following guidelines will be adhered to.

Guidelines: The Board of Education shall appoint members to an Advisory Committee as follows:

  • One Board of Education member
  • One administrator
  • One teacher
  • One student
  • One community member

The committee will consider each request for the installation of a plaque or memorial: its size and design, its appropriateness to the school environment, and its location. The committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Education, which maintains the right to review and authorize.

Adopted: 06/29/1994

Revised and Number Change: 06/20/2016