Management of School District Extra Classroom Activities Funds | Policy 5520

The purpose of student activity funds shall be to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all students, and to finance the normal, legitimate extra-curricular activities of the student body organizations.

* The Board of Education has authorized those student activity programs it wishes to be operational.
* Projects for the raising of student activity money shall, in general, contribute to the educational experience of pupils and shall add to, not conflict with, the instructional program. The results of fund raisers shall be reported on prescribed forms.
* Money required of the student body as a whole shall be expended so as to benefit the student body as a whole, and not for the benefit of a special group.
* Student activity funds shall not be used for any purpose that represents a loan or credit to any employee or other persons. Post-dated checks may not be accepted and checks may not be cashed for anyone. Employees or others may not make purchases through the student body in order to take personal advantage of student body privileges.
* Prior to performance of any financial transaction by an authorized student activity, a REQUEST FOR FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES must be submitted and approved by the Building Principal, after approval by the H.S. Student Council.
* Any fund raising activity must also be approved by the Extra-Curricular Activity Fund Advisor. A budget must be submitted with expected revenue and expenses.
* Monthly reports for the student activity funds shall be prepared by the Extra-Classroom Treasurer, and submitted to the Board of Education as part of the Treasurer’s report no later than the 20th day of the following month.

Adopted 11/22/93

Form: Extra-Classroom Activity Fund Final Report