Copier Use | Policy 3282

Photocopiers are to be used for instructional or school-related business purposes only.

Photocopiers may be used by district employees for non-school purposes only under the following conditions:

  • Following the approval of the building administrator.
  • Agreeing to pay the charge per page assessed by the school district.
  • The lowest priority will be given to non-school purpose photocopying.

The use of school photocopiers by persons who are not district employees will be prohibited.

The Superintendent of Schools and/or his/her designee will retain the authority to determine if outside groups related to the school district (e.g. PTA, Boosters) may use school photocopiers. If such a determination is made, the group must still pay the per page charge, unless waived by the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.

The cost per copy is to be determined annually.

Adopted 11/25/96