Community Use of School Facilities | Policy 3280

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District desires to make its facilities available to the community. At the same time, it wishes to establish reasonable regulations for the care of these facilities by individuals and groups using them so that they are maintained in their attractive conditions.

1. Permission to Use School Facilities

Section 414 of the Education Law governs use of school facilities. Granting use of school buildings and grounds is discretionary, with the Board of Education and no individual or organization is entitled to use school property without expressed permission of school officials. Applications for use may be obtained from the Superintendent’s Office. Education Law prohibits the use of school facilities for political or religious purposes, or by private profit making organizations. Usage may be cancelled or denied if space is required for a school activity.

2. Clean-Up of School Facilities

Sponsors of activities on any school field or in any school building shall be required to remove any litter occurring during the use of the facility. Areas adjacent to school fields shall also be restored to proper cleanliness. All such clean-up work must be completed by noon of the day following the activity, except inside school buildings which must be cleaned up immediately.

All arrangements for clean-up work shall be the responsibility of the sponsor. School grounds workers may be available for clean-up employment. If employed, they will be doing such work on their own time and not as employees of the School District.

The above also applies to site preparations necessary for any activity. It shall be the responsibility of the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds to determine whether custodial help is needed.

3. Insurance

Sponsors of activities shall provide adequate insurance coverage ($1,000,000.00 in general liability insurance) naming the School District as insured, and saving the District harmless from any liability.

4. School Fields

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks and other motorized vehicles are not to be driven or parked on school grounds because of the hazard they present to children. All vehicles will be parked in prescribed parking lots.

Alcoholic beverages and other drugs may not be brought to, used, or consumed on school grounds.

5. Charges for Use of Facilities

Facilities must be supervised by one or more school authorized employees.

Users of school facilities shall be required to reimburse the School District for all costs resulting from such use. Regular time rates will be charged for use of employees’ time during regular school hours. Overtime rates shall apply at other times.

Charges will be made for all expenses, including heat, lights, supplies, police and for other services or materials as may be necessary.

Everyone, with the exception of school organizations, will be subject to full charges unless specifically waived by the Board of Education or the School Superintendent.

Persons permitted to use school facilities may not charge admission if any part or the entire cost of operation has been waived.

Schedule of Fees

Classrooms: $15/hour

Gymnasiums, Auditorium, Cafeterias, Pool: $30/hour

The above rates include heat, lights, and the services of the custodian if the custodian is on duty during regular hours in the building. If the custodian is not on duty, a charge will be levied for custodial services. Up to two additional hours beyond the scheduled activity, time may be charged for preparation and clean-up.

6. Use of School Facilities by Parent-Teacher Association

The District affirms that close cooperation with parents in organized and officially recognized Parent Teacher organizations contributes to an improved and enriched learning experience for District students as well as improving communication between the administration, the Board and the community. Therefore, the PTA shall be granted use of school buildings for their official activities without charge.

7. Requests

Anyone desiring facility usage is asked to submit their request in a timely fashion to the superintendent’s office.

8. Users of School Facilities

Users of school facilities shall be furnished a copy of these rules and must comply with them in all respects.

Revised 03/27/00

Revised 01/28/08