Advertising in the Schools | Policy 3271

School facilities, staff and school children shall not be employed in any manner for advertising or otherwise promoting any commercial, political, or nonschool agency, individual or organization in the schools.

Canvassing, soliciting of funds or selling of any items by any outside agency shall not be permitted on the school premises. School personnel may not participate, during school hours or on school grounds, in the solicitation of orders, the distribution of advertising materials, or the collection of charges.

The Superintendent of Schools is authorized to issue a list of suggested vendors to meet district-prescribed standards, for example, for photographs or musical instruments, while allowing parents to make their own arrangements on any terms they wish, where the arrangement does not involve the use of school personnel.

A commercial photographer who is taking school photographs on school premises for a school purpose may advise students, by means of a card, brochure or other appropriate device, that copies may be purchased directly from the photographer.

The solicitation of orders for and the sale of class rings on school premises is permissible if authorized by the Board, and if all prospective vendors are given full and equal opportunity to compete, and students are fully involved in the promotion and sale of such rings.

The Superintendent and/or his/her designee is hereby granted the authority to approve activities in cooperation with any individual or organization in promoting activities of general public interest which promote the education or other best interests of the students. Exhibitions in schools of any books or articles or apparatus, or films or other educational material shall be adjudged on the basis of their actual educational values.

In the case of colleges, universities, armed service agencies, corporations, business and public service agencies it is the policy of the Board of Education that access to schools shall be encouraged to bring career and occupational information to students.

The Superintendent shall ensure that such activities are carefully monitored to restrict any commercial advertisement.

Contracts which purport to authorize private individuals or corporations to promote the sale of products and services through commercial advertisements aimed at public school students are expressly prohibited.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to limit the authority of the Board of Education under law to authorize the broadcast of high school games and other events by radio and TV stations even though the broadcast is commercially sponsored. Nor does this policy prohibit approved fund raising activities by student groups and/or organizations.

Adopted 06/16/97