Relations with Parent Organizations | Policy 3250

Parents play a meaningful role in school life. Parent and parent-teacher associations play a vital role in combining the efforts of parents, teachers, and administrators in order to serve the schools.

As a matter of policy, the Board of Education encourages the formation of parent organizations, and takes steps to ensure that the decision-making process take into consideration the appropriate involvement of parents and parent groups.

Parents’ associations are independent entities, and have no legal relationship to the schools. They are responsible for their own actions and the conduct of their affairs, and for planning their own programs and activities. Authorized parent organizations are allowed the use of the school and school facilities, and to send home communications with children, as set forth in Board policy or regulations and as approved by the school principal. The administration of the schools and the making of policies that govern school operations remain at all times the legal functions of the school board and school district’s administration.

Ref: Education Law Sections 2590-d, 2590-h

Adopted 06/16/97