Shared Decision-Making & School-Based Planning | Policy 3240

The Board of Education encourages the participation of the community in improving education in our schools. In accordance with the regulations of the Commissioner, the Board has adopted a plan for the effective participation of parents, teachers, administrators, and the school board in shared decision-making at the building level. This plan specifies:

1. the educational issues which are subject to decision sharing and cooperative planning at the school level;
2. the manner and extent of the expected involvement of all parties;
3. the means and standards by which all parties will evaluate improvement in student achievement;
4. the means by which all parties will be held accountable for the decisions made;
5. the process whereby disputes will be resolved at the local level; and
6. the manner in which all state and federal requirements for the involvement of parents in planning and decision-making will be coordinated with and met by the overall plan.

A copy of the Plan for Participation by Teachers and Parents in School-Based Planning and Shared Decision-Making shall be available at each school and at the central district office; individual copies of the plan will be provided upon request.

Every two years, the Board shall review the plan to determine its effectiveness and to amend or recertify the plan, as needed. Any amendment or recertification of the plan will be developed and adopted in accordance with section 100.11 of the Regulations of the Commissioner.

The amended or recertified plan together with a statement of the plan’s success in achieving its objectives, shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Education for approval no later than February 1st of each year in which biennial review takes place.

Adopted 06/16/97