Public Feedback and Concerns | Policy 3230

The Board of Education is committed to ensuring District business is transparently conducted, fostering public understanding, appreciation and confidence in all aspects of the school system, as well as stimulate public interest and involvement.

The District has established numerous opportunities for members of the public to offer feedback regarding any facet of the school operation or programs. Residents are invited to address concerns related to District programs and services during the Public Session of scheduled Board of Education business meetings. Written comments may also be addressed to the BOE President/designee.

Policy questions/concerns are typically answered by the board president. Operational questions/concerns are typically sent to and answered by the administrator in charge. Recognizing that from time to time, complaints or concerns may arise, the Board endeavors to have said matters addressed and resolved as close to the origin or source of the issue as possible, engaging the following steps/stages:

  • Stage 1: Contact and discuss the matter with the staff member or teacher most directly involved with the matter.
  • Stage 2: Contact the immediate supervisor and/or applicable building administrator if the matter is unresolved.
  • Stage 3: Contact the Superintendent and/or designee if an appropriate resolution is still pending.
  • Stage 4: Contact the Board of Education if the resolution rendered by the Superintendent or designee is deemed to be unsatisfactory.

The applicable staff shall be given ample opportunity to resolve issues or problems prior to involvement by anyone in a superior position or by the Board. In most instances, if the matter cannot be resolved by the teacher, coach, or other school employee, complaints will be elevated to and addressed by the building principal, supervisor or designee. When there are concerns about confidentiality or a desire for anonymity, issues may be brought directly to the building administrator or supervisor. In such cases, the administrator/supervisor shall inform the complainant that keen discretion shall be taken and that in some instances it may require the engagement of others to bring about an effective resolution. In every case, appropriate steps shall be taken to preserve the privacy rights of students and school personnel.

If the complaint and related concerns are not resolved at building/department level to the satisfaction of the complainant, the complaint may be carried to the Superintendent or designee. If the complainant expresses the intent to carry the matter to the next level, the building principal/administrator/supervisor shall inform the Superintendent accordingly. The Superintendent and/or designee may require the statement of the complainant in writing. If the complaint and related concerns are not resolved at the Superintendent level to the satisfaction of the complainant, the complaint may be carried to the Board. If the complainant expresses the intent to carry the matter to the next level, the Superintendent or designee shall inform the Board accordingly. The complainant must provide a written statement. The Board reserves the right to require prior written reports or background information from other appropriate parties.

The Board will not act on complaints that have not been explored at the appropriate level, except when the complaint concerns direct action of the Board as a body, such as a request for a legal hearing and/or appeal, allowable by statute regulations or laws. Concerns registered directly to the Board as a whole or to an individual Board Member shall be referred as soon as is reasonably possible to the Superintendent for investigation and follow-up. The Superintendent shall refer the matter back to the appropriate administrator and/or supervisor to ensure handling of the matter closest to the origin or source of the complaint as possible.

At the discretion of the Board, the Superintendent or designee may be asked to provide a follow up report to the Board. In such instances, no Board action, decision or judgment will be made until the Board is satisfied that all relevant information has been presented. When a final response from the Board is warranted, it will be issued by the Board President who may, at his/her discretion, collaborate with the Superintendent or designee in formulating and releasing a statement.

Refer also to Policies:

  • 1512 – “Public Participation at Board Meetings”
  • 3145 – “Communication and Public Information”
  • 3420 – “Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the School District”

Adopted: 09/29/2003
Revised: 02/25/2019