Volunteer Program | Policy 3151

The Board recognizes the need to develop a school volunteer program to support District instructional programs and extracurricular activities. The purpose of the volunteer program will be to:

a) Assist employees in providing more individualization and enrichment of instruction;
b) Build an understanding of school programs among interested citizens, thus stimulating widespread involvement in a total educational process;
c) Strengthen school/community relations through positive participation.

Volunteers are persons who are willing to donate their time and energies to assist principals, teachers, and other school personnel in implementing various phases of school programs. In that the District provides transportation to all sanctioned activities, volunteers will not be allowed to drive students to and from those activities. Approved District volunteers are covered by the District’s liability insurance policy only while acting under the direction and within the scope of the volunteers’ duties for the school.

An application shall be filled out by each volunteer and forwarded to the District Office for evaluation. All persons performing volunteer services shall be screened and interviewed by one or more members of the regular school staff. A volunteer may or may not be added to the District list pending approval from the Superintendent of Schools.

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent/designee to develop regulations to implement this policy and to periodically inform the Board of the progress of the school volunteer program.

Education Law Sections 3023 and 3028
Adopted 11/24/97