Public Information Program | Policy 3110

The Board of Education shall maintain a continuing public information program, in order to promote widespread understanding of the school program, and to gain the support and participation of the community in the school system.

In addition to encouraging members of the community to attend and participate at public Board meetings, the Superintendent shall develop a program aimed at disseminating Board policies and district educational programs to the public. This program should include a periodic newsletter, district website, and calendar of events, aimed at keeping the community informed about Board meetings, news of events, noteworthy facts, plans and forecasts. The Superintendent should also consider other alternatives, such as special bulletins, and the use of the media to further inform the public of noteworthy events.

The Superintendent should coordinate the activities of school principals to ensure their direct involvement in the public information program. Each school, through its faculty and staff, should participate not only with the dissemination of information to the public, but also with the planning of events and social programs aimed at getting the community involved in school district activities.

Parents and citizens wishing to obtain information should inquire first through a principal or school official, then through the Superintendent, and finally through the Board.

Adopted 06/16/97
Amended 10/22/07