Advisors & Advisory Committee | Policy 2211

Advisors and Advisory Committees

The Board of Education may appoint citizen advisory committees whenever it determines the formation of such committee is in the best interest of the school district. In establishing such committees, the Board shall seek the advice of the Superintendent.

A specific charge, in writing, shall be given to members at the beginning of the committee’s work. The charge will include:

– The identification of the activity or area to be studied.
– The length of time each member is being asked to serve.
– The relationship of the committee to the Board of Education and school district staff.
– The resources the Board of Education intends to provide to support the committee’s work.
– The approximate date when the committee would be expected to submit its report.
– The approximate date on which the Board would expect the committee to be dissolved.

Such committees shall serve at the pleasure of the Board, and unless specifically charged with a continuing function, shall be considered discharged when the relevant reports, statements, or recommendations have been made. The Board shall consider and, within a reasonable time, respond to the recommendations offered by such committees but must reserve ultimate decisions to its judgment.

The Board of Education may invite any person or persons who are particularly qualified through training, experience, or personal characteristics to act as advisers to the Board individually or in groups when it determines that this might lead to the betterment of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District.