Annual District Meeting & Election/Budget Vote | Policy 1610

Pursuant to law, the Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget Vote for the School District will be held on the third Tuesday in May. At this time, the District’s voters will elect members of the Board of Education and will also vote on the District Budget for the upcoming school year. However, in the event that the third Tuesday in May conflicts with a religious holiday, the School Board may petition the Commissioner of Education to obtain permission to hold the Annual Meeting Election and Budget Vote on the second Tuesday in May. Such request from the Board of Education must be certified and received by the Commissioner no later than March 1st.

The District Clerk shall give notice of the time and place of holding the Annual Meeting and Election/Budget Vote by publishing such notice four (4) times within seven (7) weeks preceding the meeting. The first publication of the notice must be at least forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting. Such notice must appear in two, if there are two, newspapers which have a general circulation within the District. The notice shall also contain such other information as required by law.

Copies of the proposed annual operating budget for the succeeding year to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting and Election shall be available, on request, in each District school building during certain designated hours on each day other than a Saturday, Sunday or holiday during the fourteen (14) days preceding such Annual Meeting. The availability of this budget information shall be included in a legal notice of the Annual Meeting; and such copies of the proposed budget will also be available to District residents at the time of the Annual Meeting and Election.

Annual Meeting (Election and Budget Vote)-
Education Law Sections 1804(4); 1906(1); 2002(1);2017(5) and (6); 2022(1); and 2601-a(2) Notice – Education Law Sections 1608(2); 1716(2); 2003(1); 2004(1); and 2601-a(2)

Adopted 02/23/98

Revised 03/27/00