Special Board Meetings | Policy 1520

A special meeting is a Board meeting other than the annual meeting and the regular meetings of the Board. They are usually called for emergency or urgent purposes, or as agreed upon at previous regular or special meetings. The Education Law provides that a special meeting may be called by any Board member and held at a time and place specified in the notice for the meeting.

A special meeting may be called by any member, upon 24 hour notice to all Board members and the Superintendent. The notice must be to all Board members. A majority of the Board may not dispense with notice to other members. Written notice is not required. Service of notice by mail will be sufficient, however, if deposited at such time as would provide the required 24 hour notice in the ordinary course of transmission by mail.

Waiver of Notice:

In an emergency, the 24 hour notice may be waived by unanimous consent of all Board members. In such a case, members will sign waiver-of-notice forms. This should be entered in the minutes.

Public Notice:

If a special meeting is scheduled at least a week in advance, the Open Meetings Law requires that notice of the time and place of the meeting be given to the public and the news media at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. If it is scheduled less than a week in advance, notice must be given “to the extent practicable” at a reasonable time prior to the meetings. Notice must be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations. The notice to the public does not have to include notice of the business that will be transacted.

Special meetings are ordinarily held to consider a single item of business. Although it is commonly assumed that the Board is restricted to discussing business related to the call of the meeting, the law does not prohibit action on other matters.

Ref: Education Law, Sections 1606, 2504, 2563
Adopted 07/02/96